Star Teacher – Tammy Teixeira

We are pleased to announce MACA’s newest Star Teacher, Mrs. Tammy Teixeira.  Mrs. Teixeira has been teaching middle school English at MACA for three years and has transformed that program into a differentiated learning environment that challenges middle school students appropriately and prepares them well for high school.  While her students read great books and write fantastic essays, they most appreciate her heart.  “She truly cares about and for the students,” said Susan Woolverton, her LEAD teacher.  Other skills Woolverton praised were Teixeira’s lesson plans, which are “always pretty,” and how she is “always on top of everything.”  This can be hard to do when teaching 55 middle schoolers!

MACA students from age 5 to 18 benefit from Mrs. Teixeira’s care every day, since she serves in kindergarten, middle school, after care, and even helps with detentions.  Woolverton calls her “a faithful servant” who “never complains and is always positive.”  What a wonderful role model for MACA students.  We are so blessed to have you, Mrs. Teixeira!

Star Teacher - T Teixeira

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