Star Teacher – Lisa Anderes

Our newest MACA Star Teacher is Mrs. Lisa Anderes. Mrs. Anderes teaches preschool, STEM, and elementary Latin. She has brought her expertise to our preschool program, been a key player in bringing STEM as an enrichment to elementary, and provided tiered learning in Latin for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. She is invaluable to MACA in part because she is able to switch from one classroom to the next all day long—and she does it so well!

Mrs. Anderes is an important part of much that is done at MACA. Many of MACA’s administrators appreciate Mrs. Anderes and her work at MACA. “She is a great team player in our new STEM program,” stated Mr. Korn, upper school principal. Miss Harmon, Anderes’ lead teacher, says, “Her lesson plans are just beautiful and she is a true partner no matter what program she supports.”

Mrs. Anderes is building a strong Latin program in MACA’s elementary school, creating an age-appropriate curriculum that includes language, culture, and history. MACA is thankful for the many skills Mrs. Anderes brings to our campus. She is a Star Teacher and we are pleased she is part of the work God is doing at our school!


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