MACA’s 5th Graders Learn with Pumpkins

Mrs. Hoefler’s 5th grade students had a fun day learning with pumpkins. The Pumpkin Day Project incorporated math, science, writing and critical thinking skills. The students had a great time moving their pumpkins through a process of discovery.

During the learning, the students predicted the weight of their pumpkins and then used a scale to determine the actual weight. They figured the difference between the predicted and actual weights. The students followed this same process with the focus being the predicted and actual circumference of their pumpkins. The students also predicted whether they believed their pumpkins would float in water and learned the reason a pumpkin floats, no matter the size. The students then gathered one cup of pumpkin insides and counted the number of seeds in that cup.

They used this number, along with the total number of scoops needed to empty the pumpkin, to estimate the total number of seeds per pumpkin.

During the process, the students also completed a packet of pumpkin themed pages which required them to compare and order numbers, place value and work with pumpkin facts and trivia. Finally, the students completed a writing activity about their day with a pumpkin. The class ended their event with pumpkin flavored treats supplied by students and their families.

The Pumpkin Day Project was a great way to involve our 5th graders in hands-on activity that applied concepts they have learned in several core subjects. They all had a great time and learned a lot. We are grateful to Mrs. Hoefer and her aide, Mrs. Trigger, as well as the students and families who provided pumpkins and treats! Thank you!

pumpkin1 pumpkin2 pumpkin3 pumpkin4 pumpkin6 pumpkin7 pumpkin9

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