5th Grade Wax Museum

MACA’s 5th Grade Wax Museum Was the Show to See!

MACA’s annual 5th grade wax museum was again a highlight of the 5th grade experience. This year, 22 students in Mrs. Hoefler’s class selected a historical figure to research and present during the day-long public presentation.

“We began our process with a visit from Mr. Rust, our high school History teacher,” explained Mrs. Hoefler.  “Mr. Rust shared with the class facts on some historical figures to get them started.  Then the students were challenged to select a person who had shaped the world in some way – not just someone who is famous.”

Hoefler’s students then researched the person, created note cards, wrote an outline and a rough draft of their research paper before finalizing the process with a high quality final draft.  In addition, the students used their material to create a one to one-and-a-half minute speech on their historical figure.  This speech was memorized and prepared for presentation during museum day.  At the museum, the fifth graders displayed a tri-fold board with important dates, pictures and props from the figure’s life.  As the audience members visited the museum, students presented their speeches, explained their fact board and answered questions, all while in dress and makeup to appear as their historical figure.

“This group far exceeded my expectations,” said Mrs. Hoefler.  “They went above and beyond with their costumes, boards and presentation.  I’m very proud of them.”

The annual event is always a hit, and this year was no different, with nearly 200 visitors attending the event.  Included in this group were MACA elementary students who viewed the museum and completed “Who Am I” worksheets as part of their History units.  “The wax museum is a MACA tradition that challenges our fifth graders while touching our entire MACA campus,” shared Mrs. Vicky Webster, Head of School.  “Our fifth grade class always does an outstanding job with this challenge and it provides a great learning opportunity for them, an impressive example to our younger elementary as well as a chance to welcome our MACA family to campus to celebrate the accomplishments of our students.”

This project is a great learning opportunity for MACA’s 5th graders.  “I learned that you need to get the right materials to get the right information,” explained Joseph Clark.  “My dad helped me because he worked in the Air Force and he learned about Jimmy Doolittle (Clark’s historical figure).  Mr. Rust also helped me by giving me info about Mr. Doolittle.”

Most 5th graders found the project quite challenging.  “It was a lot of work,” shared Charlotte Leonard.  “I looked on the internet, books and magazines.  My parents helped me and Mrs. Hoefler helped me write my speech.”

Many well known historical figures were part of this year’s wax museum, including Audrey Hepburn, Betsy Ross, Billy Graham, Jane Goodall, Jesse Owens, Billy Sunday and Amy Carmichael, plus many others.  The students spent over four weeks, from selection of historical figure to researching, writing and performing their caricatures.  MACA is very proud of the hard work of our students and Mrs. Hoefler and wish to congratulate everyone involved in another great wax museum.  We look forward to next year’s performances!

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