MACA Students Honored by VFW

Mr. Allen Yader, Commander of the Mount Airy VFW Post, visited MACA on Monday, December 7, 2015, to present gifts to the MACA students who participated in the recent VFW competitions, Patriot’s Pen and Voice of Democracy. Students recognized included Aaron Barrios, Jacob Brethauer, Angel Brunson, Hannah Gammell, Laura Howard, Colton Ramsey and Jennifer Wasula.

The Patriot’s Pen, an essay competition for students in middle school, included essays from students from middle schools throughout the Mount Airy area. All students in Mrs. Neilson’s MACA 8th grade History class participated in the competition as part of the class. From the class essays, Mrs. Neilson selected the top eight pieces. Those eight essays were reviewed by a panel of teachers who chose the top five MACA essays. Those five essays were submitted for the area-wide competition. Of all essays submitted from middle schools throughout the Mount Airy area, Aaron Barrios, an 8th grader at MACA, received second place overall. Barrios was recognized in front of his class, as well as by the Mount Airy VFW Post during their awards meeting. The five other MACA middle school students who were selected for the competition, Jacob Brethauer, Angel Brunson, Laura Howard and Jennifer Wasula, also received recognition from Mr. Yader in History class.

The Voice of Democracy, an audio essay competition for students in grades 9-12, also included students from high schools in the Mount Airy area. Two MACA students, Hannah Gammell, a 9th grader, and Colton Ramsey, a 10th grader, competed in the contest. Mr. Yader presented Gammell and Ramsey with a gift in recognition of their participation in the contest. The presentation was made during Mr. Rust’s World History class.

Congratulations to all the MACA students who participated. We are proud of you!

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