MACA Elementary Students Celebrate 100 Days

Friday, February 12 marked MACA’s 100th day of school!  Students entered school for the day under a banner made for us by Mrs. Bouslog and her Art students which read, “MACA is 100 Days Smarter!”  And how true that statement is!  We began our Chapel by asking students what they’ve done so far this year and it was clear that they have grown in so many ways.  They mentioned math, reading, science, and making friends.  Students highlighted our Go Beyond week and we’re excited to talk about all that was accomplished there.

We then looked at what others have accomplished in just 100 days.  Did you know that one man ate the same dish at Chipotle every day for 100 days in a row?  Another man asked perfect strangers for peculiar favors such as planting a flower in their garden, getting his hair trimmed at Pet Smart and requesting a burger refill at Five Guys!  Mrs. Finch and some of her students demonstrated how to write a Haiku because a woman wrote one every day for 100 days.  

Others have done great good for the world in the same amount of time.  100 homes were built for victims of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, homelessness was ended in one American town, and one man ran 100 marathons to raise money for clean water in Ethiopia.

What do all of these people have in common?  Your children’s answers: dedication, commitment, perseverance and single-mindedness.  What has God called us to do with the same fervency and enthusiasm?  Again, your children astounded us with their answers. We read Colossians 3:1-2 which reminded us to set our hearts and minds on things above.   We broke into small groups with the classroom teachers and brainstormed what we could set our hearts and minds on to do for the Lord in the next 100 days.

The fun wasn’t over yet.  Mrs. Surland lead the group in exercises of 100 second increments, each student then got to count out 10 pieces of 10 different treats.  We wrapped up the excitement by forming a giant 100 with our bodies while Mr. Brethauer took our picture from the roof of the school!  

What can you accomplish for the sake of the Kingdom in the next 100 days?

100 Day Pic


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