High School Retreat

“This retreat served as nothing short of a life-changing experience for me and was by far one of the most enjoyable and impactful experiences I’ve ever had at MACA,” stated one MACA senior in reference to the annual High School Retreat which took place last week. “The unification of the student body, the way God was able to use so many different people to change so many lives, the incredible times spent with friends, everything about the three days spent at Camp Calvary was absolutely flawless….I couldn’t have asked for a better High School Retreat”.

From September 21st through September 23rd,the entire High School body took a break from classes, lockers, and practices to travel to Camp Calvary in Bernsville, Pennsylvania for MACA’s annual High School Retreat. The three days were packed with Bible Quizzing, log jousting, a mud pit tug-a-war, lip sync battles, worship, home groups, and messages by guest speaker Dave Coryell. Secondary Principal, Mr. Korn, said, “This year’s retreat was one of the best we’ve ever had. We had ridiculous fun and saw our community of faith grow united in our mission to “Stand Out.” We saw the Holy Spirit changing the hearts and lives of our students as they considered what it means to be in the World but not of it.” Enjoy the pictures that share just glimpses of what this memorable retreat was like. We are thankful and grateful for the beautiful weather, safety, and seeing God work in the lives of our students.





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