Field Trip! Baltimore Museum of Industry

Our 5th grade class is heading to the Baltimore Museum of Industry!  They will be taking tours and participating in different STEM-related programs while they are there. The Baltimore Museum of Industry is located in an 1860’s oyster cannery on a five-acer waterfront campus in Baltimore and celebrates Maryland’s industrial legacy.

MACA will be going on a History Alive Tour where students will learn about the differences between skilled and unskilled jobs, racial and gender discrimination, working conditions, and business practices of the various industries.  They will learn about the daily life in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century Baltimore. Students will also be participating in Kids’ Motorworks where they will learn how Henry Ford revolutionized car-making by introducing the assembly line into the automotive industry. They will be able to work in the assembly line and each perform a single job. Lastly, the students will be participating in a STEM-related program where they will be given a working design with everyday materials and will be tasked with engineering a successful project.

Through this field trip, students will be able to learn about Maryland’s industrial legacy and hear the stories of those who helped build Baltimore and shape it’s region and future of innovation.

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