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This month our PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade have had some very special guests visit them here at MACA.  Right now, these students are in their Community Helpers Unit and have been learning about those who offer their service to help in our community!  We had a nurse and a Firefighter visit them in the beginning of the month to kick off their guest series, and the students were in awe looking at all of the gear and tools used for each job!  

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Then the students got to see a real firetruck from the Lisbon Fire Department and learn all about its parts and pieces and how firetrucks are helpful to all of the people in our community. The fire truck even got a call while they were here!

Mr. Gary Finch came to visit next. Mr. Finch is a police officer in Montgomery County and he taught the students about his job to help and protect people. He shared his important gear with the class. The children got to try on his 25 lb. bullet proof vest, and each student got to check out his handcuffs, badge, police car, lights, siren, horn and more. Mr. Finch gave each preschooler their very own badge. The class was all smiles as they explored what a police officer does with a new community helper.

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Mrs. Minor, PreK teacher stated, “Our unit is a great way to have the children meet our community helpers in a safe environment where their is no imminent danger to scare them. They can ask questions and get to know how the helpers job can keep them safe. This meeting helps them know what to do if a firefighter or police officer needs to assist them in an emergency. Many of the students are now talking about wanting to grow up and be a nurse, firefighter or police officer.”

The next guest speaker was Dr. Wayne Crowder. Dr. Crowder has worked at the Pediatric Center for 42 years and has been a partner there for 40 of those years. The students got to pass around some of the tools he uses on his patients and learn about how each one helps a patient who comes in for a check up.

Earlier this week students in PreK got to eat tacos prepared by Chef Justin Bates. He made the tacos right in the classroom and told the students all about his food truck in DC called South Meets East.  

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Students heard from Pastor Wally Webster, Pastor of Mount Airy Bible Church.  He brought his Bible with him and shared some of his favorite stories and verses.  The students asked great questions and listened so well!

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The last speaker for the unit was a Dentist from Rock Ridge Dentistry. Dr. Brian Shinabery read the students a story about going to the dentist and showed them how to brush their teeth to get them as clean as possible! He told them why dentists wear glasses and masks and why it is important to floss. He gave each student a goodie bag when he was finished.  Now they are excited about going home and brushing their teeth with their new toothbrush!

It has been a great start to the year for our youngest MACA Lions and we are excited about what they have learned about all of the good people that help in our community and keep us safe! Thank you to all of the guest speakers who helped to make the Community Helpers Unit a success!

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