Ashley Kurdziolek Returns Home

MACA’s Elementary Department was pleased to host Ashley Kurdziolek (MACA Class of 2015) as she returned to MACA to complete 20 hours of Elementary observation in pursuit of her Early Childhood Education degree at Eastern University. Ashley spent one day each with Mrs. Sweigert (2nd Grade), Mrs. Finch (3rd Grade) and Mrs. Schuetz (4th Grade). Ashley said this experience allowed her to see how each grade is different and how different students learn differently. “I also learned a lot from the teachers and their classrooms with how they run classrooms and how they teach.”

Ashley assisted the 4th graders with learning math and was able to experience working with a Promethean Board. With the 2nd graders, she taught the students a Bible verse, helped them with learning cursive and tutored them with their subtraction. For the 3rd graders, Ashley helped with spelling and also served as a model for the students to measure as they learned about metric and customary scales of measurement. Students were required to document her height in both feet/inches and meters/centimeters. At 5 feet 8 inches tall, Ashley gave them a big challenge!

MACA was proud to host Ashley and pleased to continue to be a part of her learning. Following her observation, Ashley returned to the Eastern University campus where she plays college basketball for the Lady Eagles. We look forward to hearing about Ashley’s continued progress in the future, both in the classroom and on the court!

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