2015 MACA Internship Program

The 2015 MACA Internship Program took place the week of November 2-6, 2015.  Forty-six students from the MACA junior and senior classes spent the week shadowing a professional within a career area in which the student has an interest.  This year’s student interns found placements within such sites as a/an:

School Law Firm State Park
Veterinary Office Software Company Construction Company
Church Recording Studio Space Flight Center
State Police Consulting Company Crisis Center
Library Apparel Company Government Office
Social Work Research Laboratory Real Estate Agency
Solar Engineering Company Construction Company Insurance Company
Retirement Community Fitness Company Admissions Office

The program, designed to provide valuable feedback to upperclassmen investigating potential college majors, is part of the graduation requirements at MACA.  This year’s participants returned to school with great stories about the experiences they had and all they learned.  One student, Anneliese Ott, spent her week at the Ridgeview Veterinary Practice where she was allowed to administer vaccinations and draw blood samples.  “Anneliese is having an awesome week!” reported her mother, Carol Ott, on Wednesday.  “Very hands-on!”

The learning process for Anneliese did not end at the close of her internship.  As a result of her week at the Ridgeview Veterinary Practice, she was offered one of three internships offered each summer at the clinic.  These opportunities are by invitation only and most are held by returning college students who are in vet programs.

“I’m glad I got my internship because it was a rare opportunity,” stated Anneliese.  “Not many places offer that kind of experience and allow an intern to be involved in whatever is on the schedule.  I appreciated the experience.”

While not all internships result in summer jobs or internship opportunities, each intern gains valuable exposure and experience during the week.  The businesses also benefit from the opportunity to host an intern and many have responded very positively.  

The following are some of the quotes from evaluation forms submitted for this year’s interns:

“Of all the interns I have worked with directly, he stands as one of the most self-motivated and focused students to intern with us.”

“Our staff had nothing but positive comments about him.”

“She asked thoughtful questions and presented a desire for learning and growth throughout the week.  

“It was a pleasure spending the week with her.”

“He always asked the right questions.  I would hire him in a minute!”

“It was a pleasure having her in my classroom this week, and I thank MACA for the opportunity to be a part of her career exploration.”

“He completed “fun” tasks and “boring” tasks with a great attitude.  Very respectful and cooperative.  Awesome week!”

“He is a quick study and has excellent communication skills.  I enjoyed his personality as well.”

“She was placed into a team and shined in every aspect of her duties.  She did analysis and interpretation of social media data, and developed and presented the report to our client.  The report exceeded our client’s expectations.”

“I would love to employ him.”

“I look forward to hopefully working with him in the future as a full-time summer intern.”

“Very organized approach to tasks.  Accomplished several tasks in a more thoughtful way than some of the college level interns with whom I have worked…She exceeded my expectations in both quantity and quality of work.”

MACA is proud of the Internship Program and the great opportunity it provides to our students.  We are also very pleased with the outstanding way our students represent themselves, MACA and, ultimately, our Lord.  We look forward to many more years of success stories from the program.

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